Top 5 health insurances companies to apply

Health is a part of our life, and there is a proverb Health is wealth. We all must be ready to handle any issues come on within our lifespan even if we take good care of it.

We all know medical expenses are rising day by day all over the world along with getting new health issues as we were growing older.

Anyone working for an organization thinks that it is not necessary to take any health insurance by their own when the company is paying for them.

Do you think the same way?

If yes let me tell you, you are at risk.


Yes. Correct. You are in trouble because in today’s work environment and financial crisis which comes in between like we have in 2008 in the USA.

We have seen many layoffs during that period which suddenly make our life risk.

For example suppose your company fired you tomorrow, and there will be an accident of any of your family members. You are in deep trouble.

Am I correct?

How can you handle?

Hospitalization expenses cost you a high. How to arrange?

Now you must be aware the importance of taking a family health insurance for your family.

Yes, we should not only have the one your company provides and take another one on our own.

What do you consider before applying for insurance?

Check the health of all of your family members and discuss the issues, before applying for health insurance.

As per health problems and your monthly income even after fired by your company, you can choose how much monthly premium you can easily pay. You should not want a higher amount which you may not able to pay after quit your day job.

How to apply for the insurance?
You can find some local agents who can explain and book it for you.
Book from any of the online platform available for buying insurances.

Here are the top list of health insurances you may consider to apply.

  • HDFC ERGO Health insurance
  • Aditya Birla best health insurance
  • Religare insurance India
  • Max Bupa
  • Apollo Munich insurance

Now you know some of the best offers. But I would suggest to see more and compare them all on some of the comparison websites like Policy Bazaar.

Let me know if I have forgotten to mention anything through our comments section.

Have a safe and worry free life.

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